What is API Conrtoller?

API Conrtoller is a universal API platform that allows service providers to offer developers a controlled and secure access to their API in an easy and handy way. It acts as an intermediate isolating layer between the developer and the the service provider taking care about all the following aspects:

  • Developer authentication based on API keys
  • Controlled access on the allowed API functions
  • Control on the IP address that sends the API queries
  • Ability to apply hourly, daily and monthly limits
  • Denial of Service (DoS) protection of the API
  • API Usage statistics

How to acceess the API?

The API can used trough a standardized PHP class that can be downloaded for free from your developer area. This class allows developers to send queries to the API of all service providers and receive a response of all API functions in any of the following formats - XML, JSON, WDDX and YAML.

How much does it cost developers to use API Controller and the API services?

Signing up for a developer account is free. The usage is free or for a charge depending on the specific API function. For more information, please refer to the functions info in your developer area.

I am interested to become an API Service Provider?

To find out more about becoming an API Service Provider, please contact us.